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(A Cleanser Sent from Heaven)

Our products are made with freshest ingredients are not tested on animals. They are 100% vegetarian and are hand made with natural ingredients.

The glycerine binds the clays and acts as humectant which provides moisture to your skin.Oats, Clays and Essential Oils together plays a fantastic Role in evening Out Your Skin with a mild Lather.Botanicals help in sooth the irritation of the skin.

Ingredients -Glycerine, Berry Powders(A blend of multiple Berries, Almond, Oats, Lavender buds, Calamine Clay, Kaoline, White Bentonite, Rose Petals.

Ritual- Take 1 teaspoon and add water on ur palm, keep for 1 minute, rub for 5 seconds and Remove, followed with a moisturiser. USE Daily.

MRP (Inc of all taxes) – 510/- I Net Weight : 100g

Date of Manufacture – See down the product.
(Best before 8 Months from the date of manufacture)

Made in India

Manufactured and marketed by

Royal Botanica


For external use only

100% Handmade I No Synthetic Colors I

No Animal Testing.


2 reviews for Shahi Ubtan Wash (A EXOTIC UBTANIC EXPERIENCE)

  1. Sanjukta

    It is an awesome product..makes skin smooth after washing and helps to reduce dark spots..I am using it as a cleanser as well as pack..and it smells heavenly

  2. Priyanka Das

    Ami Priyanka
    One year dhore royel use korche..sotti ata royel nahole amn skin keu dite pare naa jeta gargi di amder diyche❤️❤️❤️❤️amr skin khub dry no glow 1 yr dhore nijer skin er prm a poreche only for royel er jonno…royel all products best bt sahi is my love face wash ato ta valo clean smooth kore skin ta puro chokchok kore🥰🥰🥰🥰thank you royel nd gargi di onk onk valobsa roilo❤️❤️❤️❤️

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