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Classic Restoration Hair Oil

(18 customer reviews)


Restoration Hair Oil

Why over 2000 women daily use #Restoration_Hair_Oil??


1. Reduces hairfall

2. Makes hair roots stronger
3. Stimulates hair growth
4. Reduces dandruff

5. Reduces splitends

6. Treatment for dull,lifeless hair
7. Reduces hair frizz
8. Provides essential oils to scalp

9. Reduces scalp itchiness & dryness

10. Increases hair length & density
11. Reduces greying of hair

Infused with over 15 types of herbs & 8 types of essential oils , more than 35 ingredients in total …this hair oil is the BEST for your hair issues. Many women are already benefitting using it.The herbs used are extremely effective for treating hair problems like dandruff & hair fall. With the benefits of these herbs we have created this #Restoration Oil.

✔ Purely Herbal    ✔ No chemicals


Some of these herbs are

Hibiscus Flower
Neem Leaves
Hibiscus Leaves
Bottle gourd
Gingelly Oil
Fenugreek Seeds
Basil Leaves
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Badam oil
Eucalyptus oil
Jajoba oil
Lavender oil


This hairoil when put overnight (for 10 hours) imparts all its benefits for hair & scalp.


18 reviews for Classic Restoration Hair Oil

  1. Aparna Gupta


  2. Leeza Sikdar


  3. Priti Rai

    Best hair oil I have ever used😘😍

  4. Kalindi Ghosh

    Best Hair Oil I Have ever used

  5. Subha Laha

    Very good informations about this oil. Thank you. That’s the reason it works so nicely 😊 👌

  6. Ankita Ghosh

    One month ai Hair Quality akdom bhalo hoe geche

  7. Payel Nandi

    Sotti gargi dir product chilo bole ekhon ektu rate nischinte ghumate pari,nahole eksomoy amr hair er abostha emon hoyechilo sudhu bose bose kadtam,but ekhon no chinta

  8. Debjani

    This one is a miracle product just
    falling love❤️😍😍

  9. Shekhar Saha

    Very Effective

  10. Moupriya Sil

    One of the best products in the market.It do what it claim.Faithfully follow the advice of all RM which is free of cost you can get your desire result which you would have wanted for long.Love the products and all the team.

  11. Moli Basak

    2 month holo ai hair oil use korchi.. Amer hair fall 50%kome gche… Thank you very much for this oil.. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  12. Puja Ghosh

    Amar hair fall ekebare bare kome geche ek bottol use karar por।।।। Hair growth hoyeche emon ki chul uthe je jaiga faka hoye giechilo sei jaigai baby hair berieche।।।।। Love this product 😍

  13. Puja Ghosh

    Amar hair fall ekebare bare kome geche ek bottol use karar por।।।। ।।।।। Love this product 😍

  14. Puja Ghosh

    । ।।।।। Love this product 😍।। Ei product er jonno amar chul nie chinta ekebare kome gese

  15. Priyanka show Das

    Royal botanica is really very precious..I have been used many products of this brand since 4 years and I’m very satisfied with it. This brand’s products are very pure and truly handmade and everybody can notice the changes of hair and skin texture who used this brand,it works very deeply . Thank u so much Gargi di for your royal products .

  16. Barnali Das

    didi restoration oil ta ki men’s ra use korte parbe ?? prochur hairfall hochhe.. ektu inform korle vlo hoi..

  17. Moumita Biswas

    Without Restoration hair oil my day is incomplete… Hair fall has been remarkably reduced…it also helps to grow new hair…love this product… 5 out of 5👌

  18. Moumita Biswas


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