Vitamin C Water Serum (30ml)

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A RICH ANTIOXIDANT Treatment that fights signs of aging, for smoother and Brighter skin tone.

For All Skin Types

1.014 fl.oz. e 30ml


Ritual- Apply evenly to clean ,dry face & neck.In the Morning follow with a moisturizer and Subscreen.In the night follow with deep serum and Night cream.
5% Vitamin C (Ethyl Abscorbic Acid), Daisy Flower Extracts,Strawberry extracts, Green Tea Extracts, Vanilla Extracts,Aloevera Leaf juice, Licorice,Gotukola extracts,Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid (1%).


the best potent antioxidant for your skin that is extremely easy to add into any skin care routine.Use a couple of drops in the morning before your moisturizer to protect your skin from the negative impact of sun, pollution and make up.

Then repeat at night, after a long working day, it will help your skin get rid of all those free radicals caused by stress and food that does damage to the skin.

CARE PRODUCTS – keep it simple: apply daily in the morning and evening on dry clean face and neck areas before your favorite moisturizer. This way skin will be protected from all negative impacts like sun, pollution, make up, stress,smoking etc.

Lets Come straight to the point what are the ingredients we use here, Ethyl Abscorbic Acid 5% the main hero, Gotukola extracts,Daisy Flower Extracts Strawberry extracts, Green tea extracts, aloe Vera liquid, Licorice, Allantoin and Hyaluronic Acid..

At 5% Vitamin C, its gonna suit every skintype.


1 review for Vitamin C Water Serum (30ml)

  1. Kaushani

    I use to use a brand before and she emphasised everyone on never to use anything from Royal Botanica, as the products are noy worth and blah blah, But negative promotions are always a kind of indirect promotion one is doing 🤣, And I finally indulged in the same sea, and now I understand why they are in secured, I am not going back to other brand.
    Best product!

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