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Nourish Your Skin with the Goodness of Nature

ROYAL BOTANICA is an organic hub in offering a wide range of natural skin and hair care products. Our award-winning products are just right to resolve damaged and dull skin and hair problems within a few months. All the products are hand-blended and derived from nature. Let your skin experience a variety of organic skincare products from our gallery.

Who does not want to possess a glowing, beautiful skin and hair? But stress and exposure to harmful pollutants are two major issues that make skin and hair look dull and damaged. To help your skin breathe, there is no alternative to handmade skincare products and organic face cream.

We have been formulating handmade skincare products for years. Our high-quality, purely plant-based products nourish your skin from the root and help you create a stunning and beautiful look. We never use harmful synthetics, chemicals, and highly processed ingredients in our products. Our handmade products are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other skin nutrients that protect and nourish your skin and maintain its elasticity and collagen levels. Our skincare collections not only rejuvenate your skin but prevent wrinkles and early aging signs.


Fight Dryness and Try Moisture-rich Hair Care Products

Are you suffering from dry and damaged hair? We offer a range of organic hair care products in India. Our products are gentle, moisture-based, detergent-free, and provide the perfect nutrition and styling for dull, dry, and damaged hair.

Day-night Care for Your Skin

All our face creams are 100% natural and have fabulous healing and moisturizing properties of saffron, green tea, blueberries, avocado, shea butter, jojoba, essential vitamins, and more. For experiencing the goodness of natural face cream, our day and night cream collections provide the best nourishment. Protect your skin from dark spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, and age spots with our skincare products.

Keep your skin fresh, cleansed, and super smooth with the perfect balance of moisture with our natural face cleanser products. To rejuvenate and refresh your skin, we make cleansers using nature’s most effective ingredients. All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and hand prepared from nature’s best elements. These are clinically tested and free from artificial fragrance, preservatives, and chemical ingredients like sulfates and parabens. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with premium-quality organic beauty products for healthy and happy living.


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